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Top 5 Feature: Austin & The Syd Experience


The music of Austin & The Syd Experience (ASYD) would be best described as guitar driven space-rock mixed with psychedelic funk and gritty powerhouse vocals to please your eardrums, putting Columbus on map with their brand of “ASYD FUNK.” Austin & The Syd Experience formed officially in the summer of 2022 with influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix, Funkadelic, Led Zeppelin, Betty Davis and Janis Joplin. This band have been described as a "Powerhouse force to reckoned with" due to their collective ability to leave audiences enthralled and amazed.

Upcoming Shows:

July 4 at the DooDah Parade at Goodale in Columbus, Ohio at 4:15pm

July 6 Mother Stewart's in Springfield, Ohio at 7:30pm

July 19 at Jazz and Ribfest Downtown Columbus at 5pm on the Rich St Stage

July 25 at Easton Town Center “Groove In The Yard Concert Series” Columbus, Ohio at 6pm

August 9 Natalie’s 945 King Ave. Columbus, Ohio at 8pm

August 10 Hippie Fest Hocking Hills, Ohio at 4pm

August 16 Leon’s Garage Marysville, Ohio

August 30 Hookahville Music Festival J&M Ranch Ansonia, Ohio

Connect: Meet The Band

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Austin Johnson (guitar) Top 5 Guitarists:

1. Steve Sweney - Ekoostik Hookah

2. Jimi Hendrix 

3. Frank Marino - Mahogany rush

4. Ritchie Blackmore - Deep Purple

5. Eric Gales

Syd (vocals) Top 5 Artist Inspo:

1. Prince

2. Sly Stone 

3. Janis Joplin 

4. Betty Davis

5. Led Zeppelin 

John Zuck (bass) Top 5 Bassists:

1. Andrew Weiss

2. Mike Watt

3. Stanley Clarke

4. Leigh Gorman

5. Rocco Prestia

Brandon Pettiford (drums) Top 5 Musicians:

1. Neil Peart- RUSH

2. Rick Allen-Def Leppard

3. Eric Gales- Eric Gales

4. Travis Barker- Blink 182

5. Steven Tyler- Aerosmith