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Exclusive Interview: The Sheila Divine release new single, start new era


Written By Neil Shumate, OOTB Publications

Long time Boston indie rock band The Sheila Divine (TSD) is back with a new single after five years since the release of Beginning of The End is Where We'll Start Again

The just released single “I Know There Is Happiness” is part of an upcoming concept album releasing this Fall, titled: I Am the Darkness. We Are the Light. This marks TSD’s sixth full-length album since their 1999 debut, New Parade

Along with the single and album also comes a new era, without bassist Jim Gilbert, which leaves the only original member of three, Aaron Perrino, as TSD’s sole moniker. Perrino has been writing songs since he was 16 and has previously released music as Dear Leader, No Hope No Harm, Aaron & The Lord. 

In this exclusive OOTB interview, songwriter/singer/guitarist Perrino discusses TSD’s current new era in more depth, the personal inspiration behind the upcoming concept album and more.

Watch the video for “I Know There Is Happiness,” directed by Will Claflin 


What makes this new era of The Sheila Divine different than the past and how did this happen?

A couple years ago the last founding member of the band bassist Jim Gilbert wanted to "retire" from playing. After that it took me a while to realize that I have always siloed all my music into new bands even though I was the primary songwriter in all of them. I decided that since I've put so much effort into The Sheila Divine I should just use that name for all of my music going forward. So the difference of this era is just collaborating with some new people, which in this case was producer Steven Lord and Will Claflin who helped bring this new record to life. 

What is the general idea behind the upcoming concept album I Am The Darkness. We Are The Light and where does the single “I Know There Is Happiness” fit in or come into play? 

I wrote this album when everything in my life was in upheaval. I was living in Vermont and it was one of my lowest points. I was running out of hope. The person I loved had left me. We were two years into this pandemic. I was struggling to find any meaning in the world. In search of inspiration, I turned to nature and daily hikes. I tried to fill my brain with positive things, inspiring people, and any wisdom that could help me out of my darkness. I asked the universe for all the things I wanted. I put as much positive energy into the world as I could. I'm not religious, but I truly believe the universe heard me. These songs came to me over the course of two weeks. "I Know There Is Happiness" is really just a being alone in the woods and finding magic being outside.

Does the religious allusions in the music video foreshadow or reflect the album’s context?

I'm not even baptized and really didn't grow up with any religion in my life. However, I have always been interested in religion and power, good and evil. My house is filled with lots of religious art. I had read the Kybalion during this time and if anything I feel that was a major inspiration for a lot of the record.

When is the expected release time frame of the new album?

We are releasing the album on Halloween, because I am living in Salem, MA and it just felt right.

Is there a future tour being discussed at this time?

We are trying to get on some tours, but the goal is definitely to do some touring.

“I Know There Is Happiness” single artwork


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