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Top 5 Feature: Shunpike


Shunpike is an alternative rock outfit based out of Lancaster, Ohio. We started in March 2020, kind of by accident. Donny and I had jammed a few times with the intention of covering the Unplugged - Alice In Chains record, and one night after rehearsing those covers (which we still haven’t played out) he sent me a voice memo of a riff that would become the basis of our song "Empty Years." We decided to put a full band together and, fast forwarding to today, have completed two records and are currently working on our third. While we aren’t quite sure what the new album is going to be yet, we’ve got a few tracks already that we’re really excited to share leading up to the release. Let us know what you think!

Shunpike:  J.D. Henderly (guitar/vocals), Donny Phillips (guitar), Kurt Miller (bass), Dwayne Kilbarger (drums)

NEWS: New single "Nail Biter" will release June 6, Full album All The Lovely Colors released 2023

SHOWS: Shunpike, Summit For The People, Burning Dandelions on Friday, July 19 at Black Swan Bar & Grill, 5436 Roberts Rd, Hilliard, Ohio 43026



1. Tiny Music…Songs From the Vatican Gift Shop - Stone Temple Pilots: If it weren’t for this record I might not have ever started playing music. It’s one of the first records that really grabbed me as a kid, and I’ve kinda never stopped listening to it since. Front to back, top to bottom, it’s a perfect album. It rocks, gets grungy, gets into Beatles territory, and even a little jazzy. The bass line and guitar solo both in "Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart" are top tier stuff. And "Adhesive" has a freakin’ French horn solo! Who does that?! 

2. Lullabies to Paralyze - Queens of the Stone Age: I love all of the QOTSA stuff (the new one is really killer), but this one to me has some of the catchiest riffs ever created. "Medication," "Tangled Up in Plaid," and "Burn the Witch" are all living rent free in my head since the first time I heard em. And "Long Slow Goodbye" is a perfect way to end an album. 

3. Mezcal Head - Swervedriver: I just found out about these guys about a year ago, and now I can’t shut up about ‘em. Their guitar parts are so, so catchy and interesting. This is the first album of theirs I checked out, and I keep coming back to it. Standout tracks to me: "Blowin' Cool" and "Girl on a Motorbike."

4. Farm - Dinosaur Jr.: Pretty sure our bassist, Kurt, would have to punch me in the face if I didn’t include this one. We’ve been trying to run it into the ground since we first heard it, and haven’t been able to yet. It’s nonstop great writing all the way though. Stop what you’re doing and go listen to this one. I love the bass part on "Your Weather" and the guitar solo on "I Don’t Wanna Go There" might be my favorite of all time. 

5. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness - Smashing Pumpkins: Not much I can say about this one that hasn’t already been said other than I think it is, as a whole, one of the greatest albums ever made. The song writing and structure of the album are on an untouchable level to me. It goes everywhere while still feeling cohesive. You hear the Pumpkins and their influences. And Jimmy Chamberlin’s drumming is the perfect mix of in the pocket and all out shred.