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Top 5 Feature: June Moss


Columbus, Ohio multi-instrumentalist (dummer, pianist, guitarist, bassist, vocalist) and recording artist Kevin Skubak is June Moss. 

Recently this year, he released an independent full-length alt rock-and-roll 12-song, nearly hour-long, album titled, The Sun Is A Knife with lead single “Winter Island.” 

Speaking on the album, he said: “This album took about a year to make. I recorded and mixed this album at my house and performed all instruments and vocals. Mastering was by Brandon MacLean and artwork by Zed Henson. Special thanks to my Dad and Austin Redd for their unconditional support, MarnĂ©e Richardson for putting up with all of the noise (especially the vocal practice), Josh Zimmerer for his guidance and support, and Gray Perry along with the rest of Soltour for artistic inspiration. To say it in Spinal Tap terms, my audience has become more "selective" over the years, but I'm still very grateful for everyone who still listens.”

You can purchase the album for $7 at Bandcamp at this link, half will go to Tempo Music and Arts Camp. Listen to the full album at Spotify at this link. For the latest updates, follow June Moss on Facebook and Instagram.

Top 5 Movies:

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick)
2. The Conversation (Coppola)
3. Dr. Strangelove (Kubrick)
4. Alien (Scott)
5. Persona (Bergman)