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AJR gives Columbus' crowd a memorable spectacle





By Neil Shumate, OOTB Publications


Adam! Jack! Ryan! The NYC-based Met brother trio, known collectively as AJR, sported their signature styles (Adam: man bun, Jack: wool trapper hat, Ryan: glasses) and entertained fans with a stand-out idiosyncratic performance that was nothing short of a full production. 


Right from the opening’s optical illusion trickery, the crowd knew they were in for a treat. The set visually stunned with two large video walls, one being curved, that often split and moved up or down while displaying images to sync with particular songs; the effects were virtually 3D at times and were designed to be interactive with the band. There was floating and flying on stage, large shadow silhouettes, and at one point, even a giant Jack puppet/paper mache-looking head; it was just as fun as a Flaming Lips’ show. 


At one point, the dudes found themselves joining the audience of thousands in the nose bleeds to perform a couple songs (“Steves Going To London,” “Worlds Smallest Violin”). Earlier, Ryan performed a solo medley of the band’s “Turning Out” trio of songs. The band often connected with the crowd for a bit of brotherly Tom-foolery comedy and they shared a moment about their father (who passed last July) with their empathetic fans. 


Musically, the band was on point—mixing their indie-alt-pop electronic style (reminiscent of fun. and twenty one pilots) with various live instruments, including a ukulele, a violin and horns. The setlist focused on their latest album The Maybe Man (“Yes, I’m A Mess,” “God Is Really Real,” “The DJ Is Crying For Help,” and many more from this, their fifth album), but they also mixed in many favorites from previous albums (“Burn Down The House,” “Sober Up,”  “100 Bad Days,” “Bang!,” “Way Less Sad” and more). 


A show suitable for anyone; it was a downright family-oriented party as fans of all ages danced, sang and smiled throughout the very clever, live immersive experience. 

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