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One-of-a-kind Sessanta birthday tour brings celebration to Michigan





MAY 2, 2024

By Neil Shumate, OOTB Publications

Typically, diamonds and red roses are traditional gifts for a person’s 60th birthday; however, for vocalist Maynard James Keenan, the gift is for his fans to celebrate with him as he performs on stage as part of a traveling tour titled Sessanta (which is Italian for 60) with Primus, Puscifer, A Perfect Circle. Although Maynard’s trifecta wasn’t quite complete last night, considering the absence of TOOL, “Anemia” lyrics can best describe the event as a “…three ring circus sideshow…,” but, in a most brilliant, positive way. 

The Triple P lineup was like a shuffled playlist with each band taking turns to perform a few sets each of at least three songs per set from their catalogue of hits. In total each band performed about nine songs. A Perfect Circle’s sets included “Counting Bodies…,” “The Noose,” “The Package,” “Judith.” Primus’ sets included: “My Name Is Mud,” “Southbound Pachyderm,” “Jerry Was A Racecar Driver,” “Tommy The Cat.” Puscifer’s sets included various versions of: “Momma Sed,” “Horizons,” “The Underwhelming,” “The Remedy.” 

As band members waited their turn to perform in the simultaneous rotation, with what came to be Three Acts and a Finale, many stayed on stage lounging around or rocking out on upper level pink couches that were decked out with the number 60, some sat on the stairs that led to the riser with three drum kits, some used a senior citizen motorized stair chair lift and others even played ping pong. Occasionally, various band members would join the other bands to perform a song or two as guest appearances.

There were no pauses or breaks between the smooth transition of sets, just a brief intermission—during which a pre-recorded humorous video showed a very aged, joke-telling, napping Maynard in a wheelchair sporting a blanket and oxygen, surrounded by nursing home hospital beds. 

The stage was drenched in walls of lights (even some hanging down high above the stage) that were well spaced, projecting into the crowd creating an effective, subtle rock show ambiance. The sound was well balanced, the vocals were superb (especially the cathartic melodies between Carina Round and Maynard) and every instrument blended evenly without flaw, of course Les Claypool's (who was decked out in a pig face mask later in the show) bass stood out and plummeted the venue and vibrated the seats with thuds that had to have been heard and felt miles away.

After Act Three, the Finale featured performances of three new songs released on the bands’ new EP titled E.P.P.P.: “Kindred” (A Perfect Circle), “No Angel” (Puscifer), “Pablo’s Hippos” (Primus). During the closing performance of Puscifer’s “Grand Canyon,” every band joined. Following the song, the Three Ps then parted ways with crowd waves and many on stage smiles and hugs. 

It was an impressive, memorable birthday party celebration, a highly successful Diamond Jubilee if you will, not just for Maynard, but for fans too. What a way to welcome the inevitable, approaching golden years. 

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