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Review & Photos: Static-X, Sevendust, Dope, Lines Of Loyalty

By Neil Shumate, OOTB Publications
Static-X continues to honor the legacy of the band’s late frontman Wayne Static by delivering stalwart live performances with original members Tony Campos (bass), Ken Jay (drums), Koichi Fukuda (guitars/keys) and a beaming red-eyed masked homage to Wayne, carried by vocalist/rhythm guitarist Xer0. 

The danceable riff heavy “evil disco” group has prolonged their late 90’s/early 2000’s heyday—around the same time of like-minded bands Spineshank, Deadsy, Crossbreed—by extending their longevity into the present through considerable touring and releasing newer music.

Last night the band proved energetic as Campos and Fukuda frequently jumped around and often switched sides of the stage during the lengthy set while the hidden visage of Xer0, with light socket staticy “hair,” properly honored Wayne by re-creating his posture, stances, twist motion spins and his voice.

Split video screens, synched lighting and a touch of fun costumed theatrics complimented the set along with a smoky stage and metalsmith welding sparks. 

Focusing on Wisconsin Death Trip, Static-X performed “Push It,” “Bled For Days,” “I’m With Stupid,” “Love Dump” and many others while sneaking in favorites “This Is Not,” “Destroy All,” “Black and White,” as well as newer tracks “Terminator Oscillator” and “Hollow” from 2020’s Project: Regeneration Vol. 1. They also performed the song “Z0mbie,” from which a new music video was recently released.

With it being more than two decades since Static-X has toured with Sevendust, lead vocalist Lajon Witherspoon told the crowd this double headliner tour isn’t a concert, but instead it’s a family reunion. 

The five-piece brought the heavy as fans fist pumped, crowd surfed and waved their arms side to side. This was the band's first time performing at The Clyde. The setlist included new songs from their latest release Truth Killer ("I Might Let The Devil Win," "Fence," "Everything") and the metal of “Splinter,” “Till Death,” and “Alpha.” 

Before performing “Enemy” Witherspoon reflected on current events: “I’m not sure what’s going on in the world and I don’t like to get political, but I pray we can love each other, you know, just love each other.” 
Sevendust always deliver and put their hearts into their live performances leaving no fan unhappy, and they've been doing so since their 1997 debut.

Dope (taking fans back to the late '90s with a set of classic anthems that everyone in the crowd knew and sung along to, vocalist Edsel Dope reminisced about going to concerts in the '90s when times were simpler and cheaper) and Lines Of Loyalty (a noteworthy all-out rock performance with stand-out distinct vocals reminiscent of early Adema. The trio carried their way, as if a four-piece, with energetic, animated performances of "My Addiction," "Winless War" and a debut of "Murdered Memories" that featured live guest vocalist Rikki Storbeck) opened the tour with solid sets that warmed the crowd up, leaving the packed mid-week crowd wanting more.

The 20-city fall tour ends Nov. 1.

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