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Review & Photos: Everclear, The Ataris, The Pink Spiders

SEPTEMBER 11, 2023
By Neil Shumate, OOTB Publications
In the midst of Everclear celebrating 30 years as a band, fans knew they were likely in for a treat of hearing many hits during their extensive fall headline tour; and that’s what the packed House Of Blues Cleveland audience heard last night.

From the start “So Much For The Afterglow” to the finish “Santa Monica”… and everything in between: “Wonderful,” “Amphetamine,” “Everything To Everyone,” AM Radio,” “I Will Buy You A New Life,” “Father Of Mine,” “Heroine Girl” and others. 

Fittingly, being the road dogs that they are, frequently touring coast to coast, the quartet just released a live album this month: Live at The Whiskey a Go Go (a 17-track record with two newer bonus studio songs). Lead vocalist and songwriter Art Alexakis, 61, performed new song “Sing Away” from the album and dedicated it to everyone affected by 9/11. 

Often dipping down and away from the mic, Alexakis smiled and enjoyed hearing the crowd fill in and sing aloud during certain song sections.

The Monday audience composed of 9-5’ers and parents were not disappointed by the energetic early week performance—it was a wonderful night of nostalgic poppy alt rock. 

Long time punk rockers The Ataris performed a set primarily of songs from their most popular album So Long, Astoria from 2003, including “The Saddest Song,” “Summer ‘79,” “Unopened Letter To The World” and more. Original member and vocalist Kris Roe sounded great and provided some background insight into a couple songs. The band didn’t leave out sing along crowd favorite Don Henley cover “The Boys Of Summer.”

The Pink Spiders jammed out with a straightforward catchy set that featured a bit of power-pop punk and a bit of alt rock compacted with their own 80’s-90’s style. The Nashville based band that’s been around since the early 2000’s just released Freakazoid, their fifth studio album last month; they performed stand out tracks “Let’s Go Home” and “Gold Confetti.”

The three act fall tour runs through mid-October.

EVERCLEAR (click photos to enlarge)


THE PINK SPIDERS (click photos to enlarge)