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Review & Photos: Chevelle, Three Days Grace rock sold-out crowd in Huber Heights

SEPTEMBER 14, 2023
By Neil Shumate, OOTB Publications
No artist quite does the thunderous collision combo of the double bass percussion and bass guitar as well as Chevelle. The dark, heavy accented rock sound of the three-piece—led by original Loeffler brothers’ members Pete (guitar/vocals) and Sam (drums) with touring live bassist Kemble Walters—perpetuated through a sold-out Rose Music Center in Huber Heights last night.

Pete told the audience, "We heard Ohio likes it heavy, so we're going to try to bring it." And indeed they did. Chevelle brought the fury of a five-member band throughout their set which included the catchy riff, sometimes groovy, performances of songs from many of their albums, including 2002 breakthrough album Wonder What’s Next.
The lighting was moody with a backing video wall that remained active and the stage was smokey with three cocoon-like vessels/portals that were positioned behind each of the members.

New songs performed from their latest, NIRATIAS, included “Mars Simula,” “Self Destructor” and “Verruckt.” There were also plenty of classic songs (minus “Take Out The Gunman,” “Jars,” Hats Off To The Bull”) that made fans happy, including: “The Clincher,” “Face To The Floor,” “Send The Pain Below,” “Forfeit, “I Get It,” “Door To Door Cannibals,” “Comfortable Liar.”

For ten years Three Days Grace vocalist Matt Walst (formerly My Darkest Days) has continued to successfully fill big shoes and has engraved his name as the extraordinary frontman of 3DG, now with three albums recorded, including the rock quartet’s most recent record: Explosions

The band continues to release popular radio hits and fans were treated to many of those songs from the past and present, including: “Riot,” “I Am Machine,” “So Called Life,” “I Hate Everything About You,” “Home,” “Pain,” “The Good Life,” “Painkiller” and many others. 

A stripped down version of “World So Cold” highlighted Walst’s rockstar vocals. Before performing “Never Too Late,” Walst expressed the importance of mental health and reaching out. 

A couple different times, Walst chanted “O-H!” and the audience responded “I-O!” The crowd engaging set included two fans joining the band on stage to sing and rock out to “Just Like You.” 

There were all around polished performances by each artist on the bill, including UK opener Loathe. The heavy melodic four piece performed a short, aggressive set with Colors/White Pony-like vocals and proggy songs from their most popular album I Let It In and It Took Everything

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