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Review & Photos: Tori Amos mesmerizes with grandiose performance in Indianapolis

JULY 11, 2023
By Neil Shumate, OOTB Publications
Tori Amos filled The Murat Theatre at Old National Centre last night in Indianapolis with melancholy, upbeat piano notes alongside her recognizable soft angelic vocals and standout emotional lyrics. The soul-stirring set was nothing short of exceptional. 

Amos’ classically trained virtuoso piano skills are mesmerizing. On one side of Amos was a Bösendorfer Grand piano and on her other side was a pair of open keyboards—throughout the show she switched from one instrument to another, or she played on both sides simultaneously, and she quickly arranged her sheet music accordingly after each song.

Changing up her setlist each show, Amos performs a wide collection of songs on tour that span her three-decade career in music. Last night’s selection included quite a few from the ‘90s and early 2000’s:  “Caught A Lite Sneeze” (the crowd roared when Amos’ sang the lyrics “Made my own pretty hate machine”), “Amber Waves,” “Crazy,” “Space Dog” (with a sing along and crowd loving interlude of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”), “Black Dove (January),” “China,” “Butterfly” (as a rousing solo) and others.

Naming the tour after her most recent release Ocean To Ocean, her 16th album, she also performed the album title track.

A catchy backdrop displayed different lighting effects setting the mood for each song to match the dreamy and tranquil vibe.

Amos was backed by drummer Ash Soan and bassist Jon Evans. The duo performed a brief mash up while Amos stood up to cheer them on and stretch her legs before performing “Wednesday.”

Throughout the 90-minute set, Amos dazzled with confidence and elegance. In today’s music world she could easily be a mainstream pop Lady Gaga, but instead she has happily thrived on her alternative underground success.

Not letting her left leg’s broken fibula and torn ankle tendon distract her, Amos stayed focused and performed one song after another. She often tilted her head up while playing, to smile wide and acknowledge the audience.

After spectacular show closer “God,” Amos, Evans, and Soan joined together to bow as Amos blew a kiss into the crowd. The trio returned to perform an encore that included 1994 hit “Cornflake Girl.” 

Celebrating 30 years of her breakthrough 1992 debut, Little Earthquakes, Amos recently released a graphic novel which features 24 stories inspired by the album’s songs and b-sides. 

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