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Review & Photos: Counting Crows, Dashboard Confessional in Northfield

By Neil Shumate, OOTB Publications

The Banshee Season Tour wailed in Northfield last night with early 90’s modern pop rockers Counting Crows and early 2000’s indie emo rockers Dashboard Confessional; a stacked lineup with era defining songs fronted by well-known vocalists Adam Duritz and Chris Carrabba. 

For many in the crowd, it was a nostalgic night as both bands brought the hits and much more. 

Counting Crows performed for close to two hours and early on, they took everyone back to 1999 for their Cruel Intentions’ movie hit song “Colorblind,” with just Duritz and a backing live piano, making the venue stand still. 

The band performed some “often requested songs” and deep cuts, including: “Butterfly In Reverse,” an acoustic “When I Dream Of Michelangelo” and an exceptional crowd dancing, chorus sing-along cover of Grateful Dead’s “Friend Of The Devil.” 

Before performing “God Of Ocean Tides,” Duritz said: “This song is one of the proudest moments for us as a band from a musical arrangement standpoint.” 

The seven-members didn’t leave out favorites “Mr. Jones,” “Round Here,” “A Long December,” and “Hanginaround.”

As part of the encore, Duritz welcomed Carrabba back on stage with a hug to perform Dashboard’s “So Long, So Long” together.

During Dashboard Confessional’s hour-long, dozen-song opening set, the band took fans to 2004 for a captivating performance of their Spider-Man 2 soundtrack hit, “Vindicated.” 

They also performed new song “Burning Heart”—a song that Carrabba told the crowd he wrote after a bout with writer’s block—from their new 2022 album All The Truth That I Can Tell, as well as a stand-out live version of the emotionally acoustic, building song “Remember To Breathe.” 

Carrabba interacted with the crowd throughout the set with some friendly humor and the band’s drummer performed a brief audience involved drum solo. 

“This is probably the most joyful tour I’ve ever been on… with the most saddest songs you’ve ever heard,” laughed Carrabba before performing audience sing-along “Screaming Infidelties.” 

The extensive 54-date Banshee Season Tour runs through September. 

COUNTING CROWS (click photos to enlarge)


 DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL (click to enlarge)


  1. It was a gift. A beautiful gift from both bands. I feel so blessed. Thank you DC + CC.


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