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Photos: Pixies perform vintage Columbus show

JUNE 12, 2023
By Neil Shumate, OOTB Publications
Pixies left no one disappointed after diving into a packed 90-minute set of many bedrock classics from previous albums that date back to the late 80's (Doolittle, Surfa Rosa) and mid-90s. Although the set was primarily vintage, the dressed in black quartette also performed some newer less spunky songs from their recently released eighth studio album Doggerel, including "Haunted House," "Who's More Sorry Now?," and "There's A Moon On."
Protruding back lights blazed to give the performance an eerie earnest appeal; appropriate for the moments of experimental distortion and echo. The precise electric and acoustic music of the dark indie rock pioneers' distinct abrasive sound and the impeccable voice of legendary songwriter Black Francis made its way through a packed outdoors crowd; fans grooved and sang along to a set of more than 25 songs as part of radio station CD 92.9 FM's Summer Kick-Off concert event.
Earlier in the evening Scottish pop alt-rockers Franz Ferdinand played for a little more than an hour with energetic, crowd engaging performances that included "Take Me Out," "Darts Of Pleasure," "Walk Away."
PIXIES (click photos to enlarge)

FRANZ FERDINAND (click photos to enlarge)

BULLY (click photos to enlarge)