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Bush enthrall sold-out crowd in Northfield


FEBRUARY 10, 2023
By Neil Shumate, OOTB Publications


I remember being in my dad’s garage (aka "man cave") while in my early teens wearing a pair of industrial strength headphones, listening to Bush’s post-grunge Sixteen Stone on cassette through my dad’s almighty, sacred stereo—a stereo complete with a separate equalizer to meticulously fine tune the entire balance per ear. My eyes were closed and I’d imagine the band performing live.


Twenty-eight years later and there was Bush, performing tracks from Sixteen Stone. Hearing “Machinehead,” “Everything Zin,” “Comedown,” and “Glycerine” caused me to travel back in time; but, now I was joined by many sharing the live concert together, without the smell of my dad’s Gonesh No. 2 burning.


All eyes were on charismatic vocalist Gavin Rossdale. He maintained high energy throughout the set, jumping across the stage and flailing his arms, only stopping for short moments while singing and to catch his breath while donning a guitar for certain songs. The vocals were on point and the crowd actively sang along. 


The band never missed a note—impeccable precision and lively onstage chemistry engrossed fans through moments of recognizable riffs and subtle solos. Bright beams of light refracted across the stage and into the audience enhancing the rock and roll show. 


Although Sixteen Stone was highlighted, songs from Bush’s 2020 release The Kingdom and most recent album The Art Of Survival were also performed. A moving solo performance of the ballad “1000 Years” roused fans along with “Flowers On A Grave,” during which Rossdale left the stage to join the crowd as fans crowded around the singer while he made his way through the venue’s center. Bush also performed relatable pandemic track “Heavy Is The Ocean” and current hit “More Than Machines.” 


Rossdale paused to thank the crowd for their impressive support, calling it a beautiful thing. Bush never disappoints and they ignite memorable, fan connecting performances every tour with a perfect mix of yesterday's favorites and today's hits.


Devora kicked things off with a blend of upbeat danceable, poppy power chords with active rock and some dark southern country vocal accents mixed in with catchy choruses that moved the crowd, especially closing track "Outlaw." 

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