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Weekend Headlines

Look for “Headlines” at OOTB every Wednesday and Sunday—local and national, signed and unsigned, every genre. Have a headline? Contact us via email:

Queen shares rediscovered track “Face It Alone.” Listen to song here.

Lorna Shore release video for “Pain Remains III: In A Sea Of Fire” from album Pain Remains out now. Watch video here.

The Cult release new video for “Mirror” from new album Under The Midnight Sun.

Ruby Red release “Can We Talk.” Listen to song here.

Sean “Diddy” Combs releases “Gotta Move On” remix. Listen to song here.

Tallah release “For The Recognition” video from album The Generation Of Danger out 11/18 . Watch video here.

Rat Rod release “All Or Nothin’” video. Watch video here.

Dylan releases “Blue” from new album out 10/28. Listen to song here.

Realestk releases “I Think I Do.” Listen to song here.

Kulick release “The People I Know.” Watch video here.

Ella Vos releases new song “Glitter and Tears.” Watch video here.

Julio Inglesias Jr. and Brian McKnight release live Stevie Wonder medley. Watch video here.

Bernth release video and single “When It Rains.” Watch video here.

Chase Rice releases “Way Down Yonder.” Watch video here.

Green King release “Where Speedian Dwells” from album Hidden Behind Time out 12/16. Watch video here.

2 Chainz releases “2 Steps.” Listen to the song here.

The Used to release new single “F You” out 10/21. Pre-Save song here.

Hoaxed release “The Knowing” video from album Two Shadows out 10/28. Watch video here.

Arm’s Length release “In Loving Memory” from album out 10/28. Listen to song here.

Burn The Sun releases “Fool’s Gold.” Listen to song here.

Offset and DDG release “Bulletproof Maybach.” Watch video here.

Black Rose releases “Dizzy” from new album You’ll Get It When You Get Older out 2/24/23. Watch video here.

Spirit In The Room release video for “Venting.” Watch video here.

Ladytron release new single “City Of Angels” from new album Time’s Arrow out 1/20/23. Listen to song here.

Induction release “Go To Hell.” Watch video here.

Nardo Wick releases “G Nikes” video. Listen to song here.

Cyn releases “Losing Sleep” single. Listen to song here.

Tove Lo releases “Grapefruit” video from album Dirt Femme out now. Watch video here.

Noah Kahn release “Stick Season” video. Watch video here.

Tom Walker release “The Best Is Yet To Come” single. Watch video here.

Fueled By Defiance release “Villain” video. Watch video here.

Green Day releases unheard track from Nimrod reissue. Deluxe reissue out 1/27/23. Listen to “You Irritate Me” here.

Bruce Springsteen releases cover of Commodores’ “Nightshift.” Listen to song here.

Gomorra release “Stand United.” Watch video here.

Bad Wolves cover Ozzy’s “Mama I’m Comin Home.” Watch video here.

Filter release new song “For The Beaten” from new album expected out 2023. Listen to song here.

Eleine releases acoustic “Ava Of Death.” Watch video here.

Beltfed Weapon release “Darkened Demise.” Listen to song here.

No Resolve release “Come Back Stronger.” Watch video here.

Fidlar release new song and video “Sand On The Beach.” Watch video here.

The Lonely Ones release new single and video for “Bedroom Door.” Watch video here.

Look for “Headlines” at OOTB every Wednesday and Sunday—local and national, signed and unsigned, every genre. Have a headline? Contact us via email: