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Review & Photos: Trivium, Between The Buried And Me, Whitechapel, Khemmis



OCTOBER 22, 2022



By Neil Shumate, OOTB Publications

Cleveland’s House Of Blues became a house of metal Saturday as experts of the genre gave no mercy to the packed venue full of smiling, Dio horn raising, head banging fans.

Headliner’s Trivium occupied the stage with a full-throttle heavy set list which included tracks from the band’s tour titled combo: What The Dead Men Say and In The Court Of Dragon, the band’s most recent releases—including tracks: “The Shadow Of The Abattoir,” “Amongst The Shadows & The Stones.” The band also performed sing along bangers “The Sin And The Sentence” and “The Heart From Your Hate” from their 2017 release.

Bassist Paolo Gregoletto gave fans an up close experience with his axe, and guitar shredders Cory Beaulieu and Matt Heafy (along with his Simmons’ tongue) also stepped in front of their mic stands to lean in toward the crowd.

Although the Florida-based band has been known to have re-invented themselves through their two decades and 10 album career, they always keep it metal and they didn’t leave out In Waves, Shogun, and Ascendancy; however, Silence In The Snow was missing.

Lead vocalist Heafy took short breaks between songs to express gratitude to the fans and to make sure everyone was more than engaged, exclaiming: “Let me hear you scream!” 

The onstage comradery among band mates—who were situated between two red-eyed dragon statues—was as tight as ever and the energy never ceased; live performance calluses have without a doubt re-grown since the band’s post-pandemic touring schedule.

Between The Buried And Me (BTBAM) always bring a top notch performance like no other with relentless, ear pleasing, exquisite progressive metal.

Vocalist Tommy Giles Rogers moved swiftly across the stage during the band’s thrashing, explosive moments and stood calmly behind a keyboard during subtle, transcendent moments.

BTBAM performed lengthy no boundary, dynamic tempo-changing tracks with Meshuggah force and Porcupine Tree tranquility, including tracks from 2021’s Colors II (“Never Seen/Future Shock,” “Revolution In Limbo”), the follow up to 2007’s Colors—from which “Sun Of Nothing” opened the set.

Whitechapel’s onslaught of deathcore was ripe and unforgiving with tracks from the Tennessee band’s latest album Kin. The perplexing heaviness (and vocalist Phil Bozeman’s healthy growls) of “Lost Boy” and “Bloodsoaked Symphony” was balanced with the experimental, melodic “Anticure” and “Orphan,” showcasing Bozeman’s singing style. The band also played classic “This Is Exile.” Overall, an exceptionally strong, extremely focused performance.

Denver-based Khemmis opened with a guitar heavy set with traditional metal, on the verge of doom and power metal, and a Wylde vibe that got the crowd moving with “Sigil” and “Three Gates.” 

The not-to-miss tour will continue to breathe fire through early November. 

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