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Weekend Headlines

Look for “Headlines” at OOTB every Wednesday and Sunday—local and national, signed and unsigned, every genre. Have a headline? Contact us via email:

Soilwork guitarist David Andersson passed away at the age of 47 on Sept. 14, 2022. Read band statement here.

Metro Boomin new album Heroes & Villains out 11/4.

Raw Youngin releases new song and video for “Spinnin.” Watch video here.

Armor For Sleep release video for “New Rainbows.” Watch video here.

Meshuggah release “I Am That Thirst” video. On tour now. Watch video here.

Iron & Wine release new EP Lori, Outside Problems Tour with Andrew Bird starts 9/23.

In Flames to release new album Foregone 2/10/23. New video for “Foregone: Pt. 1.” Watch video here. 

Freedo Bang release song and video for “Bee Crazy.” Watch video here.

Dropkick Murphy’s release single and video for “All You Fonies.” Watch video here.

David Nail kicks off tour, releases new single “Wherever You Are Now.” Listen to song here.

AG Club release video for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Watch video here.

Crow The Saint add “Flames Of Silence” video. Watch video here.

Weapons Of Anew release new video for “Break The Ties.” Watch video here.

Paul Kelly compilation Drinking out 9/30. 
Dylan Schneider released “Ain’t Missin You.” Watch video here.

Catalyst releases “Worms and Locusts.” Listen to song here.

Carousel Kings release new single “Tragic” featuring Rory Rodriguez. Listen to song now.

Oliver Malcolm releases new project Act Tow with new video “Bloodline.” Watch video here.

Melvoni released new single “Chrome 2.” Watch video here.

84 Tigers release new track “The Waves Beneath” from upcoming album Time In The Lighthouse out 10/21. Listen to song here.

Gematria new video for “By It’s Own Nature.” Watch video here. 

Julio Inglesias, Jr. new song “Into The Night” released. New album Under The Covers out 2/7/23. Watch video here.

Alicia Blue releases new track “Young.” EP Inner Child Work Part 2 out 11/18. Listen to song here.

Futuristic releases song “Hate Me Now” featuring Ryan Oakes. Listen to song here.

Day Sulan releases new single and video for “Teach You How To Play.” Watch video here.

Kiana Lede releases new track “Irresponsible.” Listen to song here.

DJ Hanzel releases new track “Make Me Feel.” Listen to song here.

Scotty McCreery releasing Same Truck: The Deluxe Album on Nov. 18. New song “Nothin’ Right” released. Listen to song here.

Shaam Larein release new song “Murderer.” Watch video here.

Screamer release new video and song for “Kingmaker.” Listen to song here.

Mellow Rackz releases new song. Listen to song here. 

Living Colour feat. Steve Vai “Cult Of Personality” Rock In Rio 2022 remix released. Listen to song here.

Ascendia release title track “Parasite” from new album. Listen to song here.

Graphic Nature release song and video for “Whitenoise.” Watch video here.

G Hebro releases new song “Blues” featuring Future. Listen to song here.

Noah Cyrus releases debut album The Hardest Part and new single “I Just Want A Lover.” Watch video here.

Young Devyn releases new single “Outside.” Listen to song here.

Guitarist Chis Perez to release new single “Pushing Ahead” 9/27. Pre save here.

Titan To Tachyons new album Vonals out now, new live video released. Watch video here.

Beau release new EP Life Twice and new video “Life Twice.” Watch video here.

Lybica (feat. Killswitch Engage drummer on guitar) release “Ascend” video. Self-titled debut album out now. Watch video here.

Charlie Puth announces One Night Only tour. New track “I Dont Think That I Like Her” released. New album Charlie out 10/7.  See dates, listen to song.

Thunder Jackson and Chet Faker release new song “Take Me Back.” Listen to song here.

Dead To Fall release new song “Rot & Decay.” Listen to song here.

Jack Kays releases new song “Finally Fine” from EP Cessation out 11/11. Watch video here.

Realestk releases new single “One 4 U.” Watch video here. 

Sic Waiting release new song “Life On Fire.” Listen to song here.

Ill Poetic releases new song “Sketches In Spain.” Listen to song here.

Slipknot re-release older music videos in HD. New album The End, So Far out 9/39. Watch videos here.

Jade Novah releases new video for “Trip.” Watch video here. 

Lacuna Coil release new video for “Swamped XX.” Watch video here.

Incite kicks off west coast tour through September.

Noah Guy releases single “5 Mo’ Minutes.” Listen to song here.

Sublime biopic in the works.

John Diva & The Rockets Of Love release single “God Made Radio.” Listen to song here.

Lowertown release single “Antibiotics.” Debut album I Love To Lie out 10/21. Listen to song here.

Eleine release “Enemies (Acoustic).” Listen to song here.

Dimmu Borgir release remixed version of “Hybrid Stigmata.” Listen to song here.

JxHines releases new video for “1942.” Listen to song here.

Rest Easy release new single “Hey Maxine” from upcoming album Hope You’re Okay out 10/28. Watch video here.

Baest release “Ecclesia” live video. Watch here.

Aftershock set times announced. See details here.

Judy Whitmore releases new album Isn’t It Romantic. New song “I Remember You” out now. Listen to song here.

Rosa Linn releases video for “Snap.” Watch video here. 

Rowdy Rebel releases new video for “Paid Off.” Watch video here. 

Megg shares new single and video for “Hitting Nicotine.” Watch video here. 

Vera Blue releases new single “Mermaid Avenue” from upcoming album Mercurial out 10/28. Listen to song here. 

New Years Day “Hurts Like Hell” new single out, tour set for this fall. Listen to song, see your dates.

Easy life release new single for “Antifreeze” from upcoming album Maybe In Another Life out 10/7. Watch video here.

Indy releases debut song “Threads.” Listen to song here.

The Plot In You touring with Silent Planet, Avoid, Cane Hill this November. See dates here.

Emarosa release new single “Stay” from upcoming album Sting out 1/27/22. Listen to song here.

Look for “Headlines” at OOTB every Wednesday and Sunday—local and national, signed and unsigned, every genre. Have a headline? Contact us via email: