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Review & Photos: Big Wild, Josh Fudge


SEPTEMBER 28, 2022



By Neil Shumate, OOTB Publications

   Supporting the recent release of his latest album, The Efferusphere, Big Wild (Jackson Stell) brought indie/alt rock songs with a bit of pop/disco and fun interludes of pure electronic dance music to Columbus last night. 
  Big Wild maintained an energetic stage presence and showcased his musical skills—jumping behind a drum set, operating a synth modular board, and playing different guitars; however, he maintained most focus on his singing (in which his range reached that of the Gibb brothers) while a live backing band performed guitar, bass, and drums, along with backing vocals. 
   Big Wild, with catching waves dances, connected with the crowd having sincere moments of gratitude and togetherness. 
   A large screen displayed various psychedelic galactic images throughout the performance as structured side lights and upper circular lights beamed down on stage and into the dancing crowd. 
   An entertaining performance with a packed set list that kept the audience moving—from the opening guitar strums to the closing piano keys. 
   Singer-songwriter Josh Fudge opened with dancey indie-pop music with the likes of Tokyo Police Club and Karate Coyote. Primarily standard pop songs about love that made the crowd groove, songs included:  “‘98’Nissan,” “Feel Like” and many songs from his just released album Technicolor, including latest single “What If We Fall In Love.” 
   Fudge performed bass with a backing guitarist, drummer, and a lively dancing keyboardist.