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Review & Photos: Rob Zombie, Mudvayne, Static-X, PM5K



AUGUST 3, 2022



By Neil Shumate, OOTB Publications  

    With the absence of all day traveling summer tours such as Mayhem Fest, rockers and metal heads rejoiced when the Freaks On Parade Tour marched in—a solid lineup fulfilling that live heavy music craving. Wednesday’s stop was complete with summer festival-like weather: blistering sun and reproachable heat. 
     Powerman 5000 (PM5K) opened the show with familiar tracks “Nobody’s Real,” “When Worlds Collide,” “Supernova Goes Pop,” but without jams from Mega!! Kung Fu Radio. Frontman Spider One, who happens to be Rob Zombie’s younger brother, led the group in unison jumping throughout the set with the band’s danceable on-the-verge-of-industrial rock-and-roll. The vocalist recently directed and released a horror film titled Allegoria. 
    Static-X performed a non-stop energetic set that vibed like Ozzfest 2000 with a slew of ‘evil disco’ favorites from Wisconsin Death Trip, paying tribute to the late Wayne Static with original members (Tony Campos/bass, backing vocals, Koichi Fukuda/guitars, Ken Jay/drums), along with lead vocalist Xer0. The set list featured: “Love Dump,” “Bled For Days,” and “Push It.” 
    Mudvayne reunited last year—since their 2010 hiatus—and continue to tour with the original lineup (Chad Gray/vocals, Greg Tribbett/bass, Matthew McDonough/drums, Ryan Martinie/bass) and an additional guitarist, backing vocalist (Marcus Rafferty). The metalers performed their distinct syncopated, stop-time hits from their catalog with an L.D. 50 focus. Gray/Kud’s screaming and singing variations were fresh and well received while leaning and reaching directly into the crowd throughout the set. The band’s trademark face paint and attire added to the intensity of “Dig,” “Determined,” “Not Falling,” “World So Cold,” “Happy,” and others. Gray expressed his gratitude and mentioned the common ground that brought everyone together at the show: heavy metal music. He encouraged everyone to respect each other and to help each other up, then asked the crowd to turn around and high five a stranger. A remarkable performance.
    Emerging atop his Zombie pulpit, Rob Zombie energized sweat drenched fans with an enthusiastic stage presence and a stage backdrop of screens occupied by psychedelic images and groovy sing-a-long lettering in a “step right up” carnival style. John 5 (guitar) and Piggy D (bass) continuously moved across the stage reciprocating the packed crowd’s energy while Ginger Fish smiled broadly behind his drum set. The party brought “Dragula,” “Superbeast,” “Living Dead Girl,” “Meet The Creeper,” and “Scum Of The Earth,” along with White Zombie tracks “Thunderkiss ‘65” and “More Human Than Human.” The set included a movie trailer of Zombie’s upcoming late September release of The Munsters. The tour marches on through the end of August. See tour dates here.